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Our History

Twin Peaks Construction was founded on the principle of excellent customer service. We pride ourselves in being a full-service general contractor that specializes in all types of residential construction. We believe a team approach that involves the client and design team is critical to a project’s success.

Our company is experienced in every aspect of residential construction. We have built several custom homes. We are not in the spec building business. We understand what’s involved in constructing a custom home from initial surveying and public utilities to landscaping. A company principal is directly involved in the project while it is ongoing so we know where it is and what problems or issues may arise.

Twin Peaks Construction, LLC.

Our History

We are clean- Your home is important to us and keeping it clean while we work is standard operating practice- from dust protection to negative air HEPA machines we are serious about a clean air environment.

We have built small, and large additions and renovated both older and newer homes. We have performed as construction managers on projects. We are fully licensed and insured with experience in all aspects of residential construction from traditional styles to more contemporary along with everything in between.

We are proud of our projects and the relationships we’ve developed with our clients over the years. Once you choose us you’ll see how different we are and understand why our clients always choose us to come back again and again. We build relationships, one project at a time.

Trust, Efficient & Simple

Our Team

Quite simply, our team is comprised of people whom we trust. From our employees to our trade partners you can feel comfortable in knowing we are always striving to do the right thing. Our team also includes our suppliers, building officials, your neighbors, and, most importantly, YOU.

When we start a project that may impact your neighbors, we will send them a flier to inform them of the fact that we’ll be working on your home. We want to address any of their concerns or complaints directly. We want to hear about issues before they become problems.

We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If an emergency arises you can always reach us:

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John Marsoobian, Jr

Twin Peaks Construction, LLC.

John Marsoobian, Jr.

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Scott Cummings

Twin Peaks Construction, LLC.

Scott Cummings

Employment Opportunities

Twin Peaks Construction offers:

What To Expect From us

Our Process

Most of our work is referral-based- meaning a huge amount of repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising. So even before you call or send us an email, we feel as though we already know you. If you have never worked with us here’s what our process looks like:

A call or an email is returned promptly whereby we ask a little about the project to establish a timeline and see if we’re going to be a good fit. Not every project will be a project we’ll be well suited for. That’s not to say we are snobbish or pick and choose but a lot has to do with the type of project and the timeline of if it will fit within our current work schedule.

A meeting is set up either in your home or at our office where we get to find out more about each other and the potential project. This is mostly a Q and A session and, if we meet at your home, we’ll walk around and check existing areas that are being renovated along with mechanical systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of insurance do we carry?

Our insurance company, Mason and Mason, is well-versed in construction insurance and belongs to our local builder's association. They understand construction policies and our industry and stay up to date in all aspects of coverage. Our policy carries $2 million and $4 million in general liability with a $2 million umbrella along with coverage for our company vehicles and $1 million in worker's comp. Most companies carry only $100,000. Our coverage amounts are for your protection as well as ours. For larger projects, we will suggest a Builder's Risk policy.

How many projects do you have in progress?

This is a bit of a loaded question because we do have multiple projects running at any one time but every one of those projects is a priority to us. Many of the projects are in different states of progress and size. There may be projects in progress where we're waiting for items to come in to be able to finish. But no matter how many projects we have going, we never make promises we can't keep and we are always personally involved in every project.

How do I know my project will be given priority over the rest?

Quite simply, we have a huge sense of urgency in our company culture to watch our promised deadlines and keep track of the project schedule on every job. We are reachable during all hours of the day at night and on weekends in emergencies. Our communication with our clients and the design team is second to none. Before your project even starts we are reviewing key decisions with you that we know will impact the schedule once we start. And we will not start a project unless we feel the key decisions and choices are made. From the start, we are setting up your project for success. It's all about you!

We know about John and Scott but what about the rest of the team?

Most of our direct staff carpenters have been with us for many years including the first carpenter we hired back in 2005. We treat our employees like they are family because we care about giving people a positive and reinforcing work environment. We constantly foster a workplace where people enjoy coming to work. Our trade partners whom we sometimes playfully refer to as "the usual suspects" have a special place with us. They understand what our vision is and share the same goals on our projects-they "Get it". They help us stay on schedule and track throughout the project and if a dispute arises, they are part of the solution.